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 Online Gaming Regulations

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PostSubject: Online Gaming Regulations   Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:59 pm

1. We do not play against each other in ranked games, this includes any of our allies.
2. We don not hack, unless hacked upon. We don't start it, but we'll finish it.
3. Clan matches will be approved by clan leader.
4. Trash talking is allowed, but not verbal abuse.
5. If you have a game save, keep it in reserve in the event that you are hacked upon. Saves can be found in game tools.
6. Clan tryouts to invite must be in unranked room.
7. Above all we are all here to have fun, remember it is a game, so if you get crushed by an opponent, no crying. Try harder next time.
8. Training rooms will be available at clan leader discretion.
Thanks for reading, have a good time playing in our clan.....
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Online Gaming Regulations
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